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Current Logistics Operations:

The consignments are dispatches through traditional transportation agencies who usually takes a week time to deliver the consignment in the remote locations like Jabalpur, Satna, Rewa and Katni, Sagar, damoh etc.

The current replenishment cycle from the point of order indented by the dealer along with the Demand Draft to the Depot, Depot executing the order and the time till consignment reaches to Dealer in takes minimum 10 Days time. Looking into the current replenishment cycle it allows only three rotations in a month.

Company’s products have high demand in the market and is supposed to be of high choice and most preferred brand. But at times, lack of availability of the product on shelves due to current replenishment cycle may lead to a threat to loose market share and opportunity for the competition to push their products.

Proposed Logistics Operation

We provide next day door delivery into Bhopal Indore, Rewa, Satna, Katni, Jabalpur. & Gwalior. This sharpens your edge to make the products available on the shelves in 24 hrs time. Replenishment cycle gets reduced to 3 days time. Hence, in a calendar month dealer gets opportunity to have Ten rotation in the month. Even in city like BHOPAL and INDORE, looking into its Topography normal transporters fails to give next day door delivery. We give assured next day door delivery to Consignee’s in BHOPAL and INDORE for any consignments picked up till 7 P.M. This facilitates dealers to get overnight delivery into commercial capital of M.P.. We operate by containerized vehicles for Indore, hence it assures further safety to the consignment.


Goods shall be booked on owner’s risk. In case of shortage/damages we shall provide Certificate of Facts, which shall help in setting the claims from your insurer or you can ask for insurance for your deliveries at the time of booking by paying actual charges.

We shall be submitting the bills on fortnightly basis, the same has to be settled with 7 days from the date of the receipt of the bill.
We assure you of our consistent best services.
We look forward for your confirmation as token of acceptance of this
Terms & Condition

Transit Insurance shall be consigner’s responsibility.
The detention charges if any at loading /Unloading point shall be chargeable as per the norms per day.
Payment shall be made within 15 days after submission of bills.
Diesel and petroleum hike shall be effected the Freight Charges.
All Govt. levis will be in Consignor’s Account.
Service Tax will be paid by Consignor if the freight charges paid in Account. In case of TO PAY the Tax will be paid by Consignee.

Currently orders are executed only after physically receiving the Demand Draft. We also propose to provide COD Facility [Collection on Delivery] wherein we take responsibility to deliver the consignments to the consignee only after receiving the Demand Draft of the said amount. This Demand Draft shall be delivered back to the Depot in three days time. This facility has empowered companies to bill freely while keeping in the money intact.


We have listed below the areas where there could be benefits.

Reduced replenishment cycle empowers to enhance sales.
100% PODs are provided.
Instant track and Trace is available of all the consignments.
Ensures safety of the goods as consignments are moved through containerized   vehicles from Bhopal to Indore and by leased bogie Ex - Bhopal up to rewa.
100% assurance of Payment in case of “Collection on Delivery” consignments.


Please do quote in our Enquiry format for your Freight Charges.


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